• Shlomi Aber Haifa, Israel

    Shlomi Aber, Based in israel, released on Cocoon, Desolat, Ovum And More, the owner of the well respected " Be As One Imprint".
  • Sebastian Mullaert Göteborg, Sweden

    Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) Sebastian Mullaert is probably most famous for his recent success with his Minilogue alias, releasing the albums Animals & Blomma on Cocoon Recordings. During the last years he's been touring heavily around the globe both as live performer with Minilogue and on his own and as a DJ under his own name. He have also been producing music under the name IMPS, Son Kite and Ooze.
  • Minilogue Göteborg, Sweden

    Minilogue are the progressive trance masters from Sweden aka Son Kite.
  • Alex Niggemann Berlin, Germany

    Persistent, stubborn, straight ahead! - Alex Niggemann can be best described as idiosyncratic, impulsive and selfcritical. What might be construed as negative for some people, are attributes that have paved the way to a remarkable career for this DJ and producer.


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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