Nailed It! Presented by The Wheeler Centre


The Toff in Town

Level 2, Curtain House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne, Australia


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On any given day, Australian politics is a colourful pond filled with goofs and gaffes, exaggerations and fabrications – and a frothy river of hot takes flows beside it. However, whether by tweet or by broadsheet, the voice of the keyboard warrior in the wild is a truly rare thing. Until now. For the first time in Melbourne, Nailed It! brings comedians, journalists, politicians, broadcasters and authors together for polemic with a spin. How do these people – many of them professionally engaged in the grind of politics – deal with adopting different characters, voices and positions than their own, in order to engage in manipulative political point-scoring? Hysterical, heartfelt or simply heinous, we promise you’ll hear something unexpected from each speaker. Host James Colley will introduce Scott Ludlam, Dee Fidge, Jess McGuire, First Dog on the Moon and Nayuka Gorrie as they present feelpinions and think-pieces live at The Toff in Town. So. Much. This. This event will be Auslan interpreted. Presented in partnership with The Toff in Town.