The CB3 "Exposed" EP Lanch


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Wed July 12 Doors @ 7.30pm $10 Come join Cristian Barbieri as he releases his debut record with his outfit The CB3. 8pm DJ Joey Lightbulb 9pm The CB3 For an artist with such a diverse musical background, Cristian Barbieri has found a perfect balance on his debut solo release, Exposed. The Melbourne guitarist reveals his considerable skills on this new project, fuelled by a passion that has burned in him for years. Born into a family of musicians (his dad played alongside John Farnham), he has been actively involved in the live scene since he was 17 when he and his friends began playing underage around Melbourne, often heading into school worse for wear the following morning. Currently operating as lead guitarist for Melbourne act Billy Davis & The Good Lords, Barbieri's band (THE CB3) is part of the new Bad Opera movement, which will see collaboration and support between a number of local acts (including Billy Davis). 'Exposed' showcases Barbieri's significant range to perfection, from the subtle nuances of jazz, the grooves of R&B, and melodic hooks that clearly stem from the world of pop music. The result is a concise product, with the harmony in which he has pulled together a range of differing styles speaking of a musician reaching the peak of their powers. For fans of modern heavyweights like The Roots and Vulfpeck, THE CB3 also shows regard to musical pioneers like The Meters and Parliament. Make sure you give this exciting new artist a long look, you'll be thankful you did. "The CB3 are an instrumental R&B/hip hop trio that keeps us on our toes. So tight, yet so relaxed, with melody lines that catch us off-guard, before flinging us head-first into a beatific, happy daze of funk-flavoured hooks and delicious bass lines." - The Music