The Drop Feat. Alphamama


Section 8

27-29 Tattersalls Ln Melbourne, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia


Free BBQ, free to freeze in winter, free to take your clothes off in summer, free to smoke inside ('cos it is outside), free to come and go, free to be yourself, FREE

Event details

We're back at it again, ALPHAMAMA graces us with her upfront presence for the next The Operatives edition of The Drop... Rintrah, Nam and JPS (THE OPERATIVES) on duty. ALPHAMAMA is not your run of the mill singer. She is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial artist who is a phenomena to witness in action. Commanding space with other worldly presence, she engages her audience through her raw and evocative performances. An ALPHAMAMA live show is never the same, for her or for her audience; she instead creates a unique experience combining poetic storytelling, audience interaction, hard-hitting rap verses, booty-shaking and occasional oracle card readings. A love of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and World music underlies Alpha’s unique sound and approach to songwriting; sharing intimate accounts of her interaction with people and life but also her wonderings about the state of the world, the cosmos and a woman’s place in it. Her style has never been easy to box, constantly pushing boundaries of creative expression as can be heard on her debut album “Truth, Trips and Revelations” released through Creative Vibes. Since then much soul-searching and collaborating has uncovered a deeper tone to her voice and message. As a woman of mixed race, she inherited the unique features of her Indonesian father and European/South African mother, both of whom instilled a deep love of culture. She fuses her live sets with traditional Indonesian singing and African inspired beats when she’s not stripping it back accompanying herself on her keyboard. Gangsta healer, channeller of other-worldly wisdom, ALPHAMAMA is the full spectrum of a feminine deity. Rapid fire raps and soulful lamenting, her presence on stage is unmatched. "...With the vigorous commanding energy and charisma of ten Beyoncés rolled into one... her presence on stage was magnetic and electrifying" - Tanya Bonnie Rae (