¡ Section 8 Winter Games !


Section 8

27-29 Tattersalls Ln Melbourne, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia


Free BBQ, free to freeze in winter, free to take your clothes off in summer, free to smoke inside ('cos it is outside), free to come and go, free to be yourself, FREE

Event details

Rug up hot toddies! Locate your bad sweater and your lycra thermals - it's time to hit the slopes at the first, annual, Section 8 Winter Games extravaganza. Olympic activities adjudicated by Pjenné, joined by: ???? Hysteric (Mothball Record) ???? Fitz-e (Spin Club / Fitz e & Barry Sunset) ???? Babicka (Cry Baby) ???? Jess Zammit Auchentoshan Single Malt Whisky and Coors Australia beer flowing from icebergs like honey from the alps all night long. *ps. Ugliest sweater wins an ice sculpture and a meat tray. (srs tho). APRES SKI, BB. xx