Mortisville's Birthday: Space Extravaganza


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Mortisville & Friends ONLY WINTER SHOW Theme: SPACE i-ROTIKA Featuring: Mortisville & Friends (Live), Sekktt (Live) , Shantaraam, Sophia Sin, Jalapeño Baby (Live) TICKETS: “Its time to buckle up and blast off on an adventure to Quadrant 69, ladies and gentlemen this is a galaxy where all your wildest fantasies come to life in an audio visual dress up extravaganza. Mortisville and Friends are marooned on the planet Yonaria in deep space and need your help to return to earth and play a gig at Oregon Eclispe! It also happens to be my Birthday, so it goes without saying it’s going to be a rather wild night! Headlining of course will be ourselves Mortisville & Friends, with our first show on earth since Rainbow Serpent! During our travails of the galaxy, we not only managed to get booked for Eclipse in the US but have also picked up some exciting additions to the crew, including a deep space flautist and a keytar player! You won’t get to see Mortisville & Friends again in Melbourne till the summer, so if you want to catch us I would say now is the time! Joining us on this escapade will be deep house live legends Sekkt, alongside the SINcilatingly wonderful Sophia Sin, the mesmerising Shantaram and too hot to handle Japaeno Baby. I can honestly say I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect line up to dance the night away up on my birthday. In addition to all this, we have a bunch of intergalactic treats for your eyes and ears that we will be announcing these in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and start planning you salacious space attire. MORTISVILLE & FRIENDS Described as ‘effervescently unique’ by Vintage Remix aficionado Chris Tofu, there is no other act in the world quite like Mortisville & Friends. Encompassing horns, synth, violin, vox and sax, the band have garnered a completely unique style, fusing the driving power of techno and tech house with a carnivalesque backdrop of live instrumentation. MAF deliver shades of vintage remix, electro swing, and jazz, in a joyfully bombastic soiree of onstage mayhem and have wowed crowds at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Glastonbury and Womad. Bursting onto the scene in 2012 at Rainbow Serpent, MAF have grown ebulliently, making the 2am Saturday night slot on the Playground Stage their own. Described by Eamon Armstrong of as having the “raucous energy of a house party at the end of the universe”, they have flamboyantly mutated, harnessing a myriad of individual styles and throwing them into a celestial mixing pot of progressive good vibes. You will forget your strife and dance vivaciously till you ascend to another plane. SEKKT Sekkt (Loophole/Xelon) is a tech-house trio, made up of siblings Pavlov and Lenky, who have been playing music together since they were children. Just 2 years old, Sekkt has already had considerable success. In 2013, their track ‘Galaxy’ was played on Triple J, and in 2012, Sekkt was a featured artist on DW, Germany's international broadcaster. In 2012, Sekkt also played a 15-show tour of Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Their releases have also attracted much attention. Sekkt’s track 'First Light' rocketed up the Juno bestseller chart and got to #3, alongside Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Groove Armada & Paul Kalkbrenner. In recording and performance, Sekkt combines live instruments with electronic beats; blues with funk and electronica, both original compositions and remixes. Sekkt has also notched up performances at 3 Australian music festivals - Rainbow Serpent, Shine On and Maitreya. With performances at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Music Week, a residency at the infamous Loop and regular performances at Melbourne clubs and bars, Sekkt presents a new approach to production and performance. SHANTARAAM Shantaraam is a music project that aims on bridging the divide, the sounds encompasses a wide spectrum of eastern influences blended with modern electronic instruments. The influences range from Sufi, Muslim, Jewish , Persian(farsi), Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, South and North Indian,. The inception of this new project is attributed to the inspiration of many things including Gregory David Robert's Book Shantaram; as well as a deep passion to spread the sound of spiritual ascension, the music that i hope to deliver aims on bringing awareness to the divide between the ethnicities and religious factions caused by genocide, war and strife.This Shantaraam project is a wake up call for everyone to realize that the power of change only comes from within and if we are to move forward and sustainably in today's deteriorating planet then we can find common ground in the harmony of the universal language of music. The time for Middle Peace is now. SOPHIA SIN "Starting out in her trusty gumboots around the wet lands of New Zealand, Sophia Sin started her musical fairy tale with an interest of an array of formidable music legends. The Beatles, Elvis & Johnny Cash (which she affectionately referred to as "not being played loud enough") were high on her playlist as she frolicked through New Zealand’s aquatic terrain. At the age of 20 Sophia refused to live a nine-to-five life. Embracing her greater than average knowledge for music across an incredible wing-span of genres, she acquired a sturdy pair of headphones and set off to conquer Melbourne’s nightlife. Sophia’s goal? To make a name among Melbourne’s thriving music industry, to control and evolve the underground culture of her beloved city.