Bonito House Club I Tresor New Faces


  • Cinthie Berlin, Germany

    Berlin based DJ and producer, Label owner of Beste Modus and Unison Wax
  • Ed Herbst Berlin, Germany

    Ed grew into making music guided by a love for the jazz and soul music of the 60’s 70’s and its reincarnation and revival in the hiphop sound of the 90’s as it was crafted by crews like Tribe Called Quest. This phase was instrumental in Ed’s process of understanding music and making it. After a more experimental period, he finally fell in love with house music, centering around New Jersey house..
  • stevn.aint.leavn Berlin, Germany

  • Willers Brothers London, United Kingdom

    Generell: [email protected]
  • Deniro Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Rustal Dublin, Ireland

    Rustal aka Peter Sweeney is techno dj and producer based in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Mareena Berlin, Germany

    A true vinyl addict! Booking requests: [email protected]


Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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