Concrete: Roman Poncet, Markus Suckut, Bleak Live/ Woodfloor: Marion Poncet, Malouane, Tvfrom86


  • Roman Poncet Paris, France

  • Markus Suckut Berlin, Germany

    Exciting stories without big words When you tell a story you explain something which has engaged you, something which has moved you. Telling good stories is certainly not easy, particularly if you don’t use words. Just like a good DJ set, storytelling is all about creating an arc, putting listeners under a spell and giving the feeling that this story doesn’t have to come to an end. Telling a story with these attributes without using words? How it’s possible is demonstrated by DJ and producer Markus Sucku
  • Bleak Göteborg, Sweden

  • Malouane Paris, France

  • Tvfrom86 Paris, France

    We play House !


69 Port De La Rapée, Paris, France