Mantra Collective & Lifeworld Pres. Cosmjn & Lizz at Francis28


  • Mantra Collective Sydney, Australia

    With the sole mission of showcasing the very best in underground music, Whitecat, Space Junk and aboutjack formed Mantra Collective to bring people together to party in ways never seen before. Successful DJs in their own right, Mantra Collective have become regular headliners for Sydney's most respected parties. In addition they recently toured Asia including Japan and Bali.

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For the first time ever, Sydney's Mantra Collective brings their party interstate in collaboration with Melbourne's Lifeworld to bring you two incredible international headliners.

Located at the recently renovated Francis28 (above Banana:Peach), Romania's Cosmjn & Lizz make their Australian debut alongside Mantra Collective, Lifeworld, Brock Ferrar and Jade May on Support.

Cosmjn and Lizz are two young Romanians who have been turning heads over the last few years with their own brand of lush, deep minimal.

With busy schedules in the northern hemisphere, they have garnered widespread support from crowds and DJ's alike, including Barac, Raresh, Petre Inpirescu, Rhadoo and East End Dubs, to name a few

☆★ Mantra Collective ☆★

After sold out warehouse parties, carpark raves, boat parties and club nights, Mantra Collective have cemented themselves as some of Sydney's finest.

Mantra Collective have had a whole range of underground talent headline their parties including a label showcase from Fuse (Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito & Rich NxT) and individual acts such as East End Dubs, Barac, Bill Patrick, DJ W!LD, Andrey Pushkarev, Dana Ruh, Arapu, Diego Krause, John Dimas and Varhat to name a few...

☆★ Lifeworld ☆★

Having been around for a short while, Lifeworld has from the outset sought to host carefully curated parties centred on a diverse range of underground music sourced from the fine talent here at home and abroad.

Having hosted artists Moomin, Patrice Scott, Lazare Hoche, and Cezar, and a string of locally sourced parties, they endeavour to continue throwing parties centred on quality music, careful programming, and with much greater frequency in future.


Mantra Collective & Lifeworld Presents Cosmjn & Lizz (Romania)

10pm - 7am
Friday 11th of August 2017

28 Francis Street, Melbourne

Cosmjn (Naural/Romania)
Lizz (Moment/Romania)
Mantra Collective
Brock Ferrar
Jade May