PhaT DoLLoPs ReTuRNs


  • Resident DJ's Melbourne, Australia

    The usual suspects in charge of tunes - see event description for more details.

Event details

PhaT DoLLoPs Returns to bring you The Cream of the Crop of Local Bass Music Producers.

Melbourne is a creative hub where all sorts of talented musicians congrigate to live. We're gathering some of our favourites to hear their creations on the crisp Void Acoustics sound system at the ever evolving RUBIX Warehouse Venue.

Tar-Nay (EP Launch)
Tar-Nay continues to exceed himself with his latest release, “Questions EP.” Finely blending elements of hop-hop beats, warped basslines and swung grooves into a signature serving of dope sounds, Tar-Nay is guaranteed to satisfy all appetites.

Sanfi (AKA Sado)
Sado (now known as Sanfi) has been a cornerstone in the Melbourne breakcore community for years. Mixing abrasive breakcore with deep ragga samples, acid bass lines and jungle drums, his music is the perfect flavour combination for people new to breakcore as well as those that have always been fans.

More Details about Ticket Sales & Other Musicians coming soon....