Canopy 1st Birthday ft Rolling Mass (live/dj), Anuraag & Emelyne


  • Resident DJ's Melbourne, Australia

    The usual suspects in charge of tunes - see event description for more details.


levels 1 & 2, 239 Lonsdale Street, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia


Event details

Hello! Turns out it's been one year since the first CANOPY! That was quick! A residency night at Ferdydurke presenting a fresh selection of up and coming & established artists from Melbourne and beyond celebrating a variety of genres across the spectrum. Thanks to all the live artists and dj's for coming through and performing this past year. Join us monthly on a journey through ever changing rhythms and soundssss

Artwork by Yun Hung


Rolling Mass

Rolling Mass is Melbourne electronic/dance duo made up of Max Kohane (Crumbs, Max Kohanim) and Carolyn Schofield (Fia Fiell). Both have unleashed inspired slabs of bewildering innovation across various forms of millennial electronic music over the last few years - Schofield with her supernatural tone-scaping abilities in the exquisitely nebulous and synth-heavy recordings as Fia Fiell (Nice Music), while Kohane continues to thrill with regular releases beginning to reveal a kind of neverending stream-of-consciousness canon, standing out as enticingly irreverent and creative against a sea of po faced beatmakers and macbook gazers. The combination of their two very different perspectives on rhythmic priority is a near-perfect mesh, each track from their Prime Unity EP floods forward with a rare exuberance and offers a seemingly bottomless depth of field for even the most casual listener to easily plumb. Striking density constantly churns through Schofield’s deft hand at casting and eroding instant melodic cycles over Kohane’s glistening beatshifting and sample mashing, creating a joyously submerged world with hardly a rule or reference in sight. Windows up!


Anuraag cut his teeth playing hip hop at DIY basement parties and since has just been trying to live up to the moment where he mixed Usher into Objekt to a heaving dancefloor. While Raag generally plays in his bedroom, he’s been lucky enough to be featured on bills at local parties La Femme, Pavlovabar and Spank, and supported big dogs Peter Van Hoesen, Juliana Huxtable, and Kate Miller. Raag is involved in local party outfit Cool Room but his personal taste favours vintage deep house, modern bass-techno hybrid mutations, futurist Detroit techno, ambient, and anything with interesting rhythm and texture.


You can catch Emelyne co-hosting The Blend (blend corp) on PBS 106.7FM Melbourne or serving up funky goodness behind the counter at Northside Records in Melbourne.