• Technasia Paris, France

    Technasia, also known as Charles Siegling, is a musician and DJ raised and based in Paris. Until 2008, the group also consisted of other founding member, Amil Khan, raised and based in Hong Kong. After meeting in Hong Kong in the mid 90's, Charles and Amil felt it was time to put South East Asia on the world map of electronic dance music and started their musical duo and label Technasia in 1996.
  • Marc Maya Barcelona, Spain

    A veces, es completamente innecesario llenar de palabrería absurda un texto, trasladando la puesta en escena a la biografía de un artista; al igual que caer en la redundancia de que todo artista electrónico, nace, se reproduce, a los trece se hace dj y triunfa. Si el protagonista ya acarrea con los adornos desde su cuna, sobra el atrezo saturado. Marc Maya entró por la puerta grande a finales de ..
  • De La Swing Barcelona, Spain

    Elrow (Bcn-Ibz) / Monegros Desert Festival resident dj Barcelona Spain
  • Eats Everything London, United Kingdom

    Few producers in the history of dance music have made such a rapid and far-reaching impact on the electronic music scene as Eats Everything aka Bristolian Daniel Pearce. In a matter of months he has defined a whole new genre of forward-thinking underground house music that draws elements from classic house, UK bass music, Detroit techno, jungle and early rave

Amnesia Ibiza

Ctra. Ibiza a San Antonio, San Rafael, Ibiza, Spain


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