Battle 8 2017 ~ Heat #2


Section 8

27-29 Tattersalls Ln Melbourne, VIC 3000, Melbourne, Australia


Free BBQ, free to freeze in winter, free to take your clothes off in summer, free to smoke inside ('cos it is outside), free to come and go, free to be yourself, FREE

Event details

Round #2 of Battle 8 2017 kicks off with a passionate duel between our favourite Battle veterans from Perfect Strangers and the sassy new kids on the block, The Pleasure Principle! Battle 8 is celebration of the local talent in our city and the remarkable energy they can bring to a party. Skills and music aside, teams are publicly voted on the feel-good atmosphere they can create; this is a no-holds barred party competition that bought out the best from Melbourne’s party people! Eight of Melbourne’s finest and most accomplished DJ crews, teams, musicians and cliques battle it out over seven Sundays for the honour of being crowned the 4th Battle 8 Champion, and having their name engraved permamently on the specially crafted Battle 8 Trophy. BATTLE STARTS 7PM SHARP - GET IN EARLY!! THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE The Pleasure Principle are a crew from different spaces and places that have come together to prove that music selection, skill and getting lit can match it with ego... Twerk it N Jerk it. Helmed by pre-eminent Melbz music figure MzRizk (DJ) with an impressive support crew; get ya purple dancing shoes out and think positive! Battle 8 Entry Mix: PERFECT STRANGERS They're awkward, they like to party, THEY ARE THE Perfect Strangers! Some of the fieriest competitors from 2015 and 2016, the stranger's squad really do know how to bring the party. Nath has all the "unique talents". Nath will probably be on the mic again, Lotus probably won't, Brother Fox may be rocking mini-golf shorts and Danielsan will be shakin' his fro; don't miss out! Battle 8 Entry Mix: