Nachtklub: Marc Romboy, Alex Niggemann, Tiefschwarz, Kristin Velvet, Stassy&wilck


  • Marc Romboy Berlin, Germany

    Marc Romboy has been in the music biz for over a decade working behind the scenes on dance music labels such as Alphabet City, Terminal M or PSI-49-Net.
  • Alex Niggemann Berlin, Germany

    Persistent, stubborn, straight ahead! - Alex Niggemann can be best described as idiosyncratic, impulsive and selfcritical. What might be construed as negative for some people, are attributes that have paved the way to a remarkable career for this DJ and producer.
  • Tiefschwarz Stuttgart, Germany

    Ali and Basti Schwarz - brothers and music lovers, created Tiefschwarz out of a passion garnered since 1990 from their first experiences as DJs
  • Kristin Velvet Ibiza, Spain

    ‘gleefully maximal, unashamedly nostalgic house... this is fist-pumping good fun from start to finish' - Resident Advisor
  • Stassy Berlin, Germany


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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