Ipso: Kölsch, Tim Engelhardt, Chris Schwarzwälder, Braunbeck, Dennis Kuhl


  • Kolsch Ibiza, Spain

    Well known for his productions Rune Reilly Kolsch has sold millions of records all over the world under his many different monikers and production work includes some of the biggest artist in the world.
  • Tim Engelhardt Berlin, Germany

    Music for dreamers. Booking: [email protected]
  • Chris Schwarzwälder Berlin, Germany

    Much could be said about self-made man Chris Schwarzwalder, who is both a trained chef and budding DJ. But the years of dedication he has been putting into the crafting of his music can be best appreciated in his sets and his recent productions. Having started to spin Hip-Hop records in his hometown of Frankfurt/Main he eventually ended up in Berlin, where his already very nurtured and rich mus..
  • Braunbeck Berlin, Germany

    DJ/Producer based in Berlin.
  • Dennis Kuhl Berlin, Germany


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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