Tresor Meets Hellium


  • Nastia Kiev, Ukraine

    Nastia She is a Ukrainian girl and she is proud of it. The DJ touring most in all history of her country , born to a small family in a tiny village. A talented girl without any musical education - Nastia. Her career started unexpectedly in 2005 in the city called Donetsk. Since 2006 Nastia gained experience as a promoter, stage manager and radio show host. But her main occupation is DJing. For five consecutive years Nastia worked on projects of Kazantip (2006-2011). Since 2006 she has her wee...
  • Maayan Nidam Berlin, Germany

    DJ and producer that also works under the names Miss Fitz, Laverne Radix and Spunky Brewster.
  • Reeko Barcelona, Spain

    The biggest challenge a musician or producer of any musical type or style has to face, whether they like it or not, is to see whether their work can create a path that other artists will follow or lay the foundation for the work of other artists. Juan Rico, the Asturian known within the scene as REEKO, is well aware of this. Born in Oviedo (Asturias) in 1981, Reeko is a dj who has rapidly attained the recognition other artists have taken a long time to gain. In his case it’s not been a matter of chance o
  • Anthony Linell Göteborg, Sweden

    "Purposively ricocheting between the techno world and experimental electronic music, Linell forges a distinct passage that gathers the aesthetically uncompromising motifs and missions from across this spectrum."
  • Abdulla Rashim Göteborg, Sweden

    Submerged in both rhythm and mystery, Abdulla Rashim's shadowy aesthetic floats in balance with his uncompromising work. Wholly dedicated to his ideas and sound, Rashim's quest for renewal and the importance of his craft has reflected well both internationally and locally, where he is praised alike. A listening ear and pure emotion is what his rhythms demand and what keeps him on top of his mission.
  • YYYY Buenos Aires, Argentina

    YYYY is a mysterious duo from Argentina, we do not have much information about them, but their music speaks for itself. Strange textures, industrial sounds, lost voices in the background, and an intensely hypnotic groove.
  • Nh (1) Berlin, Germany


Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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