SÜNDE Goes Deep: Darelectric / Beki Powell / SÜNDE Residents


  • Darelectric Ibiza, Spain

    Darelectric is in constant pursuit of the perfect sound. She immerses herself in sensory experiences which feed her deepest, most innate desire: to connect with music. Through deep layers of resonant, soul-engaging techno.
  • Beki Powell Ibiza, Spain

    Beki is a multi-media artist & DJ, born & raised in New York. To describe her sound, a few key words come to mind: soul, flow, depth, and feeling. Always in the business of RESPECTING the GROOVE.
  • Alex Serna Ibiza, Spain

    "Dj Alex Serna is a mix of styles and origins. Born in Brussels, but with Nicaraguan and Spanish roots his music is a reflection of his life: changes in direction, culture and landscapes that have shaped his label, his way of understanding music.
  • Steve Amoroso Ibiza, Spain

    Amoroso is regarded as one of the hardest working DJ’s in the industry. His work ethic and passion for house music has brought industry-wide recognition. He has become a staple on the NYC club scene by blessing the decks of the most well known New Yo..

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