MUTEK SF 2019: Experience


  • Doc Sleep Ibiza, Spain

    Doc Sleep co-owns Jacktone Records and is a resident of Room 4 Resistance at about blank in Berlin. Her first two 12" EPs are out now on Bottom Forty and Detour Records.
  • Mozhgan Ibiza, Spain

    Iranian born but California based Artist/DJ Mozhgan has been honing her dark arts on the decks for quite some time. In 2011 she started "We Are Monsters," a party to develop her passion for contemporary, dark, and mysterious dance floor sounds.
  • Josh Cheon Ibiza, Spain

  • Veronica Vasicka Ibiza, Spain

    Founder of Minimal Wave Records
  • The Hacker Paris, France

    In the world of music, there are those that follow all the trends and latest sounds, hopping opportunistically to the next big thing once a goldmine has been plundered. Then there are those who remain loyal to their aspirations, with their periods of doubt followed by moments, often more fleeting and unexpected, of public unveiling and criticism. Loyalty and integrity form part of the qualities that might best be used to describe Michel Amato, aka The Hacker, often nicknamed “man of shadows”.
  • Hydroplane Ibiza, Spain

    San Francisco based Hydroplane experiments with playful sound design, unpredictable rhythms and intertwining synth melodies to create a pleasing and emotive yet complex and sometimes psychedelic sound.
  • revlux Toronto, Canada

    multinational corporation lifestyle products & accessories
  • Lefto Brussels, Belgium

    As one the most important tastemakers Europe has to offer, and affiliated with labels Brownswood, Blue Note, !K7 Records, Stones Throw and Jazzy Sport, this bearded early riser is consistently a couple steps ahead of your average early adopter. He does..
  • Legowelt Amsterdam, Netherlands

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