Machines Choses: Scan 7, Richard Devine, Colin Benders


  • Scan 7 Ibiza, Spain

    Scan 7 is a mysterious techno collective in Detroit consisting of seven artists. The group always wears masks when performing.
  • Richard Devine Ibiza, Spain

  • Colin Benders Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Utrecht’s jazz, hip-hop connoisseur Collin Benders, the man behind The Kyteman Orchestra, is also a bit of whizz with modular synthesizers. His music is still full of melody and flow, controlled and balanced, with odes to his hop-hop roots.
  • Zadig Paris, France

    Info & Booking : [email protected]
  • Nimä Skill Paris, France

    DJ/Producer and Crate Digger since 1995 Owner of Aesthetic Circle Records Owner of Aesthetic Circle Record Shop in Rouen, France


69 Port De La Rapée, Paris, France


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