Fuse present: Luke Slater, Par Grindvik


  • Luke Slater London, United Kingdom

  • Pär Grindvik Berlin, Germany

    Pär Grindvik has been a central figure in the Swedish electronic scene since the 90s having released music across a plethora of acclaimed electronic labels, including a string of hits on his own Stockholm LTD imprint as well as Drumcode, with frequent collaborator Hardcell. Pär’s recent output has seen him contribute music to labels such as Semantica, Marbacka, Sinister and Dystopian.
  • Pattrn Brussels, Belgium

    Pattrn is playing with records since the age of 15 his style lies between strong grooves when he plays house music and hypnotic sounds when playing techno
  • Pierre Brussels, Belgium

    Being a Fuse resident for over 15 years, he has played alongside the best dj’s in the world and is still maddening the crowd each weekend. In 2005, continuously searching to improve and take new challenges, Pierre created with Jessica Bossuyt their own brand [LesIzmo:r] to represent quality techno parties across Europe and also a booking and promotion agency. The [LesIzmo:r] record label and net label was launched soon after this.

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