★ Sash By Day & Night ★ Hosted By: WeLove ★ Crisna ★


  • Nick Reverse Sydney, Australia

    Italian born and bred and hailing from Salerno in Southern Italy, Nick found his strong passion for music from an early age. This passion began with a love of vinyl and he started sharing this love playing private parties amongst his close group of friends. His talent did not go un-noticed and he began playing at numerous venues across Italy where he secured residencies in a very short period, where honed his unique and exceptional dj skills. At the age of 21 he took his first steps toward producti
  • Crisna Paris, France

  • Tomas Ramirez Brisbane, Australia

  • Ody Dozz Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Organic Electronic Music
  • Kerry Wallace Sydney, Australia

    Having made a name for himself as a purveyor of fine underground house in London and Ibiza, DJ and promoter Kerry Wallace has returned home to Sydney, to continue sharing his love of and passion for quality music
  • Jake Hough Brisbane, Australia

    Mixing a tasteful selection of melodic and uplifting house and techno his forte lays in his ability to read crowds and continually feed off their reaction to guide his towards their appeal. Always pushing the envelope just enough to experiment with blends of sounds and tones to offer something different each set and give the crowd something special.
  • Marley Sherman Brisbane, Australia

    deep & groovy
  • Mike Watts Brisbane, Australia

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