Mittwoch: Ewax presents Giuliano Lomonte, Maik Yells, Atree, Sy b2b Doyle Shepherd


  • Giuliano Lomonte Milano, Italy

    Giuliano Lomonte
  • Maik Yells Berlin, Germany

    Born and raised in the hills of Andalusia, immersed in the distinctive culture and sounds of the region, it was inevitable that music would exert a huge influence over Maik Yells' life. Maik initially started his musical career as a drummer for a local band, and through playing all over southern Spain, he acquired a deep sense of rhythm and soul which would come to influence and inform his later musical direction. Respect and appreciation for jazz, soul and funk soon develope..
  • Atree Berlin, Germany

  • Doyle Shepherd Berlin, Germany

    berlin resident doyle shepherd is playing deep, tech & minimal house and techno on vinyl & cd without any kind of further digital support.


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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