Thursdate: Unum Festival Pre Party with DeWalta, Tobi Neumann b2b Hajdar Berisha & Digby


  • DeWalta Berlin, Germany

    DeWalta a.k.a. David Koch budded from a large family in southern Germany filled with theater, literature, and music. Early schooling came in the form of the interdisciplinary Waldorf School (also home to electronic pioneers Abe Duque and John Selway) tasked with nothing less than helping young people fulfill their unique destinies. With a bass presence not easily described in words and the musical expanse that floats on top of his debut Vakant release, DeWalta became instantly known to all those seekin
  • Tobi Neumann Berlin, Germany

  • Hajdar Berisha Berlin, Germany

    Since 2003, Hajdar has been the resident at Die Rakete in Nuremberg (DE). His most renown Club gigs in Germany include Sisyphos (Berlin), Katerholzig (Berlin), Hoppetosse (Berlin), Harry Klein (Munich). He also plays regularly in the Kosovo and Albania.
  • Digby London, United Kingdom



Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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