Ny:Lon - Day & Night Bank Holiday Special


  • Kenny Carpenter Milano, Italy

    Kenny Carpenter is a DJ who has gone through from every part of nightlife from doing the lights with Walter Gibbons to DJing at Studio 54, where has been the resident DJ for more than 20 years. He’s an old-fashioned entertainer who knows to have a good..
  • Lenny Fontana Ibiza, Spain

    NEW YORK (US) & BERLIN (GERMANY) Many have described Lenny Fontana after 25 years of Djing and producing house music. Lenny Fontana’s discography spans over 140 records.
  • Ricky Morrison London, United Kingdom

    One of the UK's most respected house DJ's and record producers, Ricky Morrison has been breaking beats since the UK house music explosion in 1986
  • Lehar Milano, Italy

    Lehar is a bounds free creative fantasy that, as the music that represents, belongs to the world.
  • Josh Rich London, United Kingdom

  • Guy Metter London, United Kingdom

  • Zaki London, United Kingdom

    Zaki is a man on a deep house mission. This mission, started out from a base in East London where Zaki grew up and still resides, has since led him on journeys across the globe to play, promote and produce the music he lives so passionately for.
  • Toni C London, United Kingdom

  • Marvin Dez London, United Kingdom