Concrete: Chris Liebing, Daniel Miller, Antigone, Eastel, Toscan Haas


  • Chris Liebing Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    In 1993, buying his records at Downtown Records in Giessen, he discovered the more electronic side of music, and one year later, he decided to open up a Techno Club, called "Spinclub"
  • Daniel Miller London, United Kingdom

    Founder of Mute Records.
  • Antigone Paris, France

    Antigone is a young artist whose work is at the "avant-garde" of the French techno scene. Educated to digging since his childhood in the Synchrophone's records racks, he is open to a wide spectrum even if he is resolutely Techno. Thanks to his Forbidden Work Ep on Construct Re-Form, this brilliant producer drawn the attention around him. Quickly noticed by some Parisian promoters, he's making his first steps at Concrete. Less than a year after his debut, he had his first gig at Rex Club.
  • Eastel Paris, France

  • Toscan Haas Paris, France

    Co-funder & Resident at Bender


69 Port De La Rapée, Paris, France


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