Oddity x Upon You with Fur Coat, Tiefschwarz, Marco Resmann, Ruede Hagelstein and More


  • Fur Coat

    Fur Coat’s story is one of passion for salsa and soul, blended with love for electronic music. It’s a tale of deep, dark driven beats and rolling grooves that both encapsulates the mind and moves the feet
  • Tiefschwarz Stuttgart, Germany

    Ali and Basti Schwarz - brothers and music lovers, created Tiefschwarz out of a passion garnered since 1990 from their first experiences as DJs
  • Black Peters Berlin, Germany

  • Marco Resmann Berlin, Germany

    Back in the mid-90s, native Berliner Marco Resmann took his first stumbling baby steps behind his two decks and mixer, and his ongoing journey has placed him as an integral part of the city’s respected techno and house scene
  • Ruede Hagelstein

    He is fascinated of the artwork mixing and with every night that is being danced through his drive to express himself through it grows
  • Eins Tiefer Berlin, Germany

    Nico Bulla and Vincent Probst first met at Vincents hidden underground rave called EINS TIEFER. The two friends soon discovered their shared passion for djing, synthesizer, electronic music and traditional homemade food.
  • Gunnar Stiller Berlin, Germany

    DJ/producer Gunnar Stiller has seen Berlin transform considerably over the last couple of decades, soaking in influence as well as helping shape its development as a musical force, becoming a fixture of the city’s scene along the way. Whether playing in clubs around the world such as Panorama Bar in Berlin, Studio 80 Amsterdam, Glow Bangkok and Agwa in Sydney or producing his own tracks for respected labels like Upon.You Records, Clap Your Hands or Voltage Musique, Stiller’s technique is deep in character,.


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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