Passeport Special Fete De La Musique: ONYVAA Live, Remcord Live, RE-ST Live, Nicole, AudioKast


  • ONYVAA Paris, France

    California native, DJ and producer, ONYVAA is one of Europe’s newest imports known for her driving melodic techno with Detroit influences and raw analog touches. Based in Paris, France
  • Remcord Paris, France

    Remcord is a french producer who after several years of drums, guitar and musical study is embarking on the fascinating world of electronic music.
  • RE-ST Berlin, Germany

    Remi and Stefan started making music together in 2015, focussing on organic jam sessions and the use and recording of analogue instruments. To share the vibe they started their own label NoMo. In 2017 they started their live project RE-ST
  • Nicole Zagreb, Croatia

    Nikola Krpan aka Nicole
  • AudioKast Paris, France

    For this night addict, mixing is a perpetual discovery between DJs and his audience. Audiokast delivers through its sessions, it lives through its turntables and makes body and soul vibrate with sensitivity and intensity.
  • RVR Paris, France

Rex Club

5 Boulevard Poissonnière, Paris, France


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