Tresor.Klubnacht with Frankie Bones, Adam X, Gunnar Haslam


  • Gunnar Haslam Ibiza, Spain

  • Andrew James Gustav London, United Kingdom

  • Lily Ackerman Ibiza, Spain

    San Francisco based music producer and DJ
  • Frankie Bones Ibiza, Spain

  • Adam X Berlin, Germany

    One of the original techno artist/dj pioneers of the NYC techno scene dating back to 1990. Known in contemporary times globally for his pioneering working in crossing the parallel of techno and industrial music. Adam is also behind the production of the well known deep sci fi techno project "Traversable Wormhole" on CLR . He is was one of the first American techno dj's to break into the German scene back in 1992. Was co-owner of the legendary Sonic Groove Records shop in NYC . He currently runs "Sonic ...
  • Max Durante Milano, Italy

    He start his dj career in 1987 in Rome. As one of the hinges of the 90's rave generation, his sound and his presence have been fundamental for the early Italian Techno scene.


Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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