Fuse presents: Lessizmore with Afriqua, XDB


  • Afriqua Berlin, Germany

    Sidestepping the thinning membrane of today's inflated trends, Afriqua (aka Adam Longman Parker) forgoes specialization in any particular genre, all the while achieving equilibrium between youthful inventiveness and a mature artistic philosophy.
  • XDB Berlin, Germany

  • Pierre Brussels, Belgium

    Being a Fuse resident for over 15 years, he has played alongside the best dj’s in the world and is still maddening the crowd each weekend. In 2005, continuously searching to improve and take new challenges, Pierre created with Jessica Bossuyt their own brand [LesIzmo:r] to represent quality techno parties across Europe and also a booking and promotion agency. The [LesIzmo:r] record label and net label was launched soon after this.
  • Issa Maïga Brussels, Belgium

    Even though he’s barely in his early twenties, Issa Maïga can’t be considered a beginner in the world of electronic music. His passion for rhythm has indeed been growing since he was a young kid. From the drums he started playing when he was 8 to his sister’s electronic music that his house resounds with, rhythm literally leads his life. At the age of 15, Issa finds the right people to teach him DJing techniques and mainly to help him discover influences from electronic mu..

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