Watergate Nacht with Adana Twins, Magdalena, Braunbeck, JAMIIE, Stassy & Wilck


  • Adana Twins Hamburg, Germany

    Straight outta “Hamburg house city”, Adana Twins helped secure their home’s reputation for deep grooves with a series of early EPs that have made them among the most buzz-worthy acts to emerge from the German media capital
  • Magdalena

    Hamburg based superwoman Magdalena is the latest addition to the Diynamic artist roster. Not only does she run the renowned EGO Club in Hamburg
  • Braunbeck Berlin, Germany

    DJ/Producer based in Berlin.
  • Jamiie Berlin, Germany

    True to her motto" There is too much good music around than to limit yourself to only one genre" JAMIIE explores the genres of electronic music with an undertone of African inspired house music.
  • Stassy & Wilck Berlin, Germany


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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