Furs and Feathers, Horns and Leathers | 24 Moons | Melbourne

24 Moons

2 Arthurton Rd, Northcote, Melbourne, Australia


24 Moons is stylish late night bar, club and event space in Northcote. Live music and DJ's until 3am Thursdays, and 5am Fridays and Saturdays

Event details

We are YOUR circus, we are your Monkeys.

Unleash your beast, come uncaged, release your inner party animal and get on the dance floor to Tern down for WHAT? Rock out with your Cockerel out and Clam it up. Our DJs will have you busting a Moose and Feline good.

Fur Fox Snake, it's time to Bear your Sealist and most Emusing costumery. Animal prints are Pawsitively Purrrfect, strutting in leathers will have you Puffin your chest, looking that hot should be IllEagle

Don’t be left at home Owl by yourself, grab some Bunny and get your tix now! It will be the best tickets you’ve Feather got.

Coco Poco Loco is Koalified as the craziest Kangaroos on the paddock and this is partying for a Porpoise.

You’ve got to be Kitten me? Yes, we would be Lion if we didn’t say that we are Otterly ashamed that we can be this Punny. Y-Owl-LO, No Egrets!

Oh deer, This is totally Hawkward, we blame Burning Seed’s theme for 2019!

We don’t want to be Hippocritical, so Toucan play at this game. Post your most Irrelephant Zoophemism and you could win a Pair of free tickets!

Whilst we hope you love our theme, we also hope you dress responsibly, animal print, faux fur and faux leather is great, and ethically produced or recycled animal products are ok. Lets make sure no animals are harmed in the creation of our costumes.