Focus: Ryan Elliott - Julia Govor - Oliver Caine - Connie


  • Ryan Elliott Berlin, Germany

    2009 saw Elliott relocating to Berlin to further his focus on DJing, production, and helming Spectral Sound’s growing roster from a newly international perspective. “Berlin and Detroit may not look the same, but they feel the same,” he says. “The connection isn't just in the music, but also in both cities rough edges and honest hearts.”
  • Julia Govor Moscow, Russia

    Not everyone starts out as a singer for a Russian military band and ends up DJing in New York with Jeff Mills. Unless you're Julia Govor, a Russian DJ whose incredible journey—from military band performer to resident DJ at underground Moscow clubs to Visionquest and Get Physical signee—is pretty fucking unparallelled - "THUMP."
  • Connie Ibiza, Spain

    Born and raised in Queens, New York City, Connie has become a familiar face in the NYC underground house/techno scenes.
  • Katrina Mir Ibiza, Spain

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