Oval Space with DJ Stingray, Goldie, Giant Swan Live, Very Special Guest


  • DJ Stingray

  • Goldie London, United Kingdom

    I've been in this game for as long as I can remember, seeking out bits of punk rock, pop and reggae when I was still a kid in Walsall. When slap bass days arrived in the mid eighties I started to get into Loose Ends, Change and Maze travelling for funk all-dayers. I even gave Rastafarianism a shot earning myself the nickname Goldielocks, but then the hip-hop scene blew up and you can't spin on your head if you've got locks. So I said see you later to that!
  • Giant Swan London, United Kingdom

    Giant Swan is the errant sibling of the Naturals, featuring the guitar half of said band. Nurturing industrial techno and passages of heavy, blissed out drone, it's their combined love of repetition that holds it together. No show is ever the same, comprising of several 'movements' rather than a formulaic setlist; it's all the more remarkable when you realise it's created entirely from two guitars, vocals and some pedals. Truly gawp inducing.

Oval Space

29-32, The Oval, Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom


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