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  • Gaika London, United Kingdom

    GAIKA is a former club promoter with—incidentally—a history that intertwines with the very earliest iterations of grime. Last year he released his astonishingly new sounding Machine mixtape, replete with eye-catching artwork and tracks that glided between industrial, hip-hop, techno, grime, bashment, R&B and IDM (with a few different bits in between).
  • Madam X London, United Kingdom

    DJ, label head and club impresario Madam X has proved she has many strings to her bow. A constant and moreover, crucial, fixture in Manchester’s underground clubbing scene, her intimate knowledge of the city - both as a scene and a place brimming with talented artists - quickly began to prove dividends after first breaking through in 2011.
  • Russell E.L. Butler Ibiza, Spain

    A Bermudian artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Rachel Torro Ibiza, Spain

    Rachel Torro is carving out a unique space in the San Francisco House Music scene with an aesthetic that draws from her adventurous musical background. Her musical passion has been influenced by artists like Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and LCD Soundsystem. She combines a mature breadth of taste with a youthful playfulness colored by her post-adolescent history of psychedelic rock revelry. ..
  • R. Fentz Ibiza, Spain

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