Tresor.Klubnacht with Ø [Phase], Benjamin Damage, Point G, DJ Deep


  • Point G Paris, France

  • Dj Deep Paris, France

    DJ Deep is a French techno and house producer and DJ. He runs the Deeply Rooted label, formerly Deeply Rooted House
  • Alex From Tokyo Ibiza, Spain

    Paris born, Tokyo raised NYC based international eclectic french DJ, producer and international co-ordinator. Having lived in Tokyo more than 20 years since he was a kid, he has developed into one of the strongest crossover DJ's in Tokyo and also became a key person connecting the world and Japan (F Communications Japan representative, Mr.Bongo/Disorient Japan, Yellow Productions/Bossa Tres Jazz project co-ordinator etc.). Now based in New York from 2004. Alex has been playing regularly all around the
  • Benjamin Damage London, United Kingdom

    Benjamin Damage is an innovative UK techno producer and the first artist signed to 50 WEAPONS back in 2010. A collaboration with TTY boss Doc Daneeka produced the outstanding “Creeper” single and the highly rated “They!Live” full length album. His 2013 debut solo album “Heliosphere” was released to rave reviews on RA, XLR8R, De:Bug, Groove, and DJ Mag and featured the 2013 festival hit “010x”, ..
  • Ø [Phase] London, United Kingdom

  • DJ Gordon Shanghai, China

    DJ Gordon
  • Leiras Berlin, Germany

    Always behind new musical formulas, always digging in the classical sound of techno. Leiras is a persistent dj and producer settled in Berlin. 2014 is the year that this project sees the desired light, after releasing music under several aliases and different labels around the world. It is also the time that he created the Ownlife™ platform. A new project, focused on the mental and hypnotic side of techno.
  • Fracture London, United Kingdom

    Fracture is a connoisseur of fine cuisine and hot sauces. When he’s not in the kitchen, he can be found running the Astrophonica label and releasing on pioneering British dance music labels such as Metalheadz and Exit Records.


Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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