Tresor Meets Hellium


  • Maayan Nidam Berlin, Germany

    DJ and producer that also works under the names Miss Fitz, Laverne Radix and Spunky Brewster.
  • Exos Ibiza, Spain

    One of the most underground Dub techno producers around. He started producing around 1997 and he released a number of EP's on legendary labels such as Thule Records and sublabels, Mosaic and two full length albums and two ep's on Force Inc. Arnvidur can create refined stripped down Dub techno. Every so called "underground" DJ must one at least one Exis record.
  • Jamaica Suk Berlin, Germany

    Postmodern forms of melodic storytelling and soul rise from the industrial drive of a workout in her evolving sets.


Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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