Italorama Bar


  • Model Man London, United Kingdom

    Model Man are brothers Mark and Rob Brandon making waves with some of dance music's biggest players. Fusing ambient electronics with elements of bass culture, their creative stance pits the physical against the cerebral, often with striking results.
  • David Vunk Amsterdam, Netherlands

    David Vunk owner of Moustache Records, DJ and Producer for labels as Moustache Records, OMNIDISC, Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies, Creme Organization, Lunar Disko and many more.
  • De Dupe Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Intergalactic Gary Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Born Wellington New Zealand. Started mixing around 1980 after being influenced by the (Italo)disco scene in The Hague. Professional DJ career started in 1990 with squat and club parties in The Hague. Got an installment in LA D.S. club in The Hague in 1992 until 1996 to DJ weekly House, Garage & Disco on Sunday nights. Appeared inbetween on several local parties and clubs. Ever since 1994 weekly guest DJ for regional pirate radio stations together with I-f and crew. (Trend FM, Radical Radio) Sin


Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany


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