Tresor.Klubnacht with Carlos Souffront, Dungeon Acid, Delta Funktionen


  • Dungeon Acid Copenhagen, Denmark

    Born to Trinidadian and Finnish parents in Sweden, Jean-Louis Huhta took an early interest in Punk, African, Disco, Dub,industrial, Detroit Techno and Chicago Acid were all early sonic influences. Couple these genres with an interest in percussion, dru..
  • Carlos Souffront Ibiza, Spain

    Carlos Souffront is a DJ's DJ from Detroit with impeccable taste who apparently has one of the most insane acid collections in the world.
  • Sepehr Ibiza, Spain

  • Kellam Matthews Ibiza, Spain

    fog whisperer @GoodRoomBK @iwillnoteatgreeneggznham Limited vinyl. Monthly @ Bossa Nova Civic Club. Monthly @ The Lot Radio
  • Daniele Paduano Milano, Italy

    A predominantly Techno and electro artist with a background behind almost his entire life covering piano, guitar, drums and cello studies with performances in theaters and clubs in Europe
  • Delta Funktionen Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Niels Luinenburg has been releasing music as Delta Funktionen since 2008. For several years before that, though, he worked in an underground vinyl store in the northern part of his native Holland. It was here that he tuned into, and began to be influenced by, rare early Detroit techno and Chicago house pressings before finally getting infected to the point of needing to contribute to the electronic music community in his own right. Content to go about his business quietly, the Dutchman now spins a gen...
  • Eric Cloutier Ibiza, Spain

    Now making music as considered and carefully crafted as his DJ sets, Eric Cloutier has long been an influential underground selector. It is for that reason he has held down residencies at esteemed clubs in both Detroit and Berlin, and for that reason that he also lends an A&R ear to labels like Bunker and TANSTAAFL. The American born Cloutier has been active for almost two decades now, always offering up sets that exhibit as much great taste as they do knowing control. Now also working on his own moody musi


Köpenickerstrasse 70, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


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