Machine: Rhys Fulber -Live (Sonic Groove / Front Line Assembly)


  • Rhys Fulber Toronto, Canada

    Techno/Industrial Live Act. Other projects include Front Line Assembly, Conjure One and Delerium
  • Dj Kiti Melbourne, Australia

    Dj Kiti's love of music started with a purchase of a 7 inch at the age of 4 and has continued throughout her life and spanning over 12 years of djing. Starting seminal club nights (ROXY, 7 years) and LOUD (Honkytonks 4 years) and djing along side techno/houses' global finest, bands & festivals of the moment, into prolific institutions all over Melbourne. From Honky Tonks to Hardware. Kiti is also fashion obsessed and had musically curated fashion shows for L'Oreal Fashion weeks (2011 & 2012) and the inde
  • Emmymaie Brisbane, Australia

  • Andrew Till Melbourne, Australia

    Machine founder and Co-director, A&R, designer, resident player and chief architect. With a career spanning over 26 years, Andrew Till is one of few players with a stake in, not only the establishment, but the defining of electronic music in Australia. If ever the term “pioneer” was to be thrown around, it might well be thrown at Andrew Till. And it would stick. Andrew Till is known for being an innovator: a stylist whose sets are part conjuring act, part act of persuasion: a composite of timing and composi
  • Simon Slieker Brisbane, Australia

    Just as familiar with brooding melodies as he is tribal drums, Slieker is known for the sense of journey he creates: insistent and intense yet sensitive to the subtle textures which allow breath. The through-line: a mesmerising and hypnotic drive. With Simon Slieker you get classic turntable dj'ing: blended vinyl cuts interweaving across an extended music horizon.

My Aeon

791 Sydney Rd Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia


A beautifully renovated intimate venue with one dance floor, a central bar and a comfy chill out area with couches at the front

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