Clockwork Orange presents Shhh


  • Paul Oakenfold London, United Kingdom

    Paul Oakenfold is the UK’s number one DJ. This simple statement, however, doesn’t even begin to properly acknowledge Oakenfold’s stellar contribution to our musical landscape. His signature can be seen in everything from the early rise of hip-hop and the re-invention of British dance culture to the Balearic explosion
  • Graeme Park London, United Kingdom

  • Norman Jay London, United Kingdom

  • Jeremy Healy London, United Kingdom

    You may recognise him for his DJ appearances at top nights around the globe, or have heard of him through his sell out Fantazia compilations, or know him as the musical genius behind world class designer, Galliano's shows. Either way, Jeremy Healy is l..
  • Seb Fontaine London, United Kingdom

  • Tall Paul London, United Kingdom

    Paul has gone on to DJ all over the UK, currently holding a residency at Turnmills' Friday nighter The Gallery and plays regularly for Godskitchen, Gatecrasher, Sundissential, Cream and Golden to name but a few. His popularity has seen him DJ worldwide travelling to Canada, Japan, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Africa and all over Europe.
  • Jason Bye Barcelona, Spain

    Jason Bye Born in London Resides in Ibiza 1990's amnesia Dj now We Love Space & Cafe Mambo Resident. Plays Punked up Garage House Beats. Not to be messed with, makes a nice cup of tea. Love's a good Terry...
  • Smokin Jo London, United Kingdom

    Smokin Jo has been DJ’ing since 1991 and has played in pretty much every corner of the globe and in every major nightspot you could care to mention. Womb in Tokyo, Panorama Bar in Berlin, Made / Warung in Brazil, Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos, Crobar in New York, Space in Miami, Vinyl in New York, Zouk in Singapore, Fabric in London and Cocoon in Frankfurt are just some of the venues she has played in recent years.
  • Brandon Block London, United Kingdom

    "Surprisingly enough my career started in 1985 at my local boozer, The John Lyon in Harrow west London – it was a great pub, everyone went there. My friends and I used to buy a lot of funk and soul
  • Alex P London, United Kingdom

    ne of the ‘old school’ of DJs, there during the early days of house music, he has become somewhat of an elder statesman of the scene – been most places, done most things, just about survived to tell the tale.

Amnesia Ibiza

Ctra. Ibiza a San Antonio, San Rafael, Ibiza, Spain


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