DISTRIKT: Ben Seagren - DJ Kramer - Paul Geddes More


  • Ben Seagren Washington D.C, United States

    Ben Seagren is at the forefront of the San Francisco Electronic Dance Music scene showcasing a diverse unique sound ranging from large rooms to dark and dirty afterhours.
  • DJ Kramer Ibiza, Spain

    Kramer is co-founder of DISTRIKT, the legendary Burning Man day party, one of the most well known parties in the world. He lives in San Francisco and tours year-round, bringing the sound and energy of DISTRIKT to dance floors around the world.
  • Geddes London, United Kingdom

    DJ and producer, Geddes is one of the true pioneers of the house and techno scene in London. Among those ahead of the game when it came to the decline of the super club and the dawn of a new era of raves in warehouses, Geddes and the now legendary event series mulletover, (founded in 2004) became an integral cog in the evolution of a thriving underground, next year sees the event enter its tenth year making it a benchmark in London rave history.
  • Sabeel Chohan Ibiza, Spain

    With a background in Biology, Sabeel has come to discover her love for music since 2010. She is someone who blends different underground sounds, styles and scenes with melodic ease.

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