Delano Smith - Philco - Jandro - markintheDark


  • Delano Smith

  • Philco Ibiza, Spain

    Producer / DJ from the District of Columbia. I play House music.
  • Jandro Ibiza, Spain

    Jandro is a DC-based DJ, born in Miami and raised in the Dominican Republic, in his beginnings was soaking up rhythm and fell in love with funk, new wave, and house. He has been crafting his sound of unique grooves and meticulous mixing on dance floors, specialized in house and tech house with a dash of Latin passion. He is part of local collective Blueprint and becoming a regular on top shelf clubs such as Flash and U Street Music Hall
  • markintheDark Ibiza, Spain

    If you're trying to find out who turned off all the was probably me. ***Now we can actually dance like no one is watching ***Crowd ediquette is everything ***Generally don't generalize about genres **Aways give track IDs

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