Fryhide with HOSH, Tone Depth, GHEIST, 1979, Simao, Bayker


  • HOSH Berlin, Germany

    A fascinating musical mind, HOSH crafts alluring sound waves that lift crowds with magnetism. Taking any audience on a galactic trip is no easy feat. After a decade of worldwide touring and dedication to the art, he makes it look simple.
  • Tone Depth Toronto, Canada

    “I want my music to invade your mind and provide a journey where you can travel the globe with your ears open and eyes closed. Music has the unique ability to suspend belief, and my goal is to paint a scene with sound.”
  • GHEIST Berlin, Germany

    GHEIST is a Berlin based conspiracy, consisting out of an Electronica Band and a DJ Background. The project was founded at Riverside Studio during the last year based on deep friendship between the members. The goal is to connect the sound and vibe of an electronica band and the clarity of an energetic DJ-Set.
  • 1979 Milano, Italy

    1979 is an analog childhood picture, the melancholy of your first techno high, the memory of your dad’s moustache, the dream of a whole life..
  • Simao (UK) London, United Kingdom

    Simao is one of the hand picked super talents to release on HOSH’s new imprint fryhide.


Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany


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