J.Phlip, Mikey Lion + Gorje Hewek & Izhevski


  • J.Phlip

    Jessica Phillippe is diehard, born with true grit and skills to pay the bills. Despite her success with the Dirtybird gang, she's still out there in record stores on the regular... digging, uncovering precious gems and weaving them into her dynamic sets with panache. She's a hard-working, dedicated lady who refuses to compromise and aims to rock the dancefloor without relying on the most obvious tracks. Production-wise she's just as fearsome, lacing her tracks with a tough yet bouncy flavour. H...
  • Mikey Lion Ibiza, Spain

    It all started with Wu-Tang & Daft Punk. What began as a hobby scratching records at 13 has since turned Mikey Lion into one of the fastest rising DJs in the US. After honing his skills during a 4 month residency at Super-club Razzmatazz, Barcelona in 2009, Mikey returned home with a love for tribalistic grooves grooves and the passion to leave his mark on the world. Upon his return, Mikey became ..
  • Gorje Hewek Moscow, Russia

  • Izhevski Moscow, Russia

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