• Bebetta Berlin, Germany

    Bremen’s Bebetta is a playful, colourful and charming personality who likes to inject everything she does with a sense of fun. Her goal is to make people happy away from the troubles of every day life. In order to make this happen, she has years of DJing and music collecting experiences to call upon, so she always knows exactly what record is right for the moment. Since 2008 she has been doing her thing, and in the process has won the Tresor Newcomer Award for her impressive DJ sets around Berlin, but also.
  • Dapayk Berlin, Germany

    The mind behind Dapayk is Niklas Worgt, who has been producing since 1993.
  • Daniel Steinberg Berlin, Germany

    Daniel Steinberg has been crafting electronic music laden with personality and punch for the better part of two decades. The Berlin producer has carved his own niche in the club realm with productions that feature a quirky concoction of crisp tech house beats, infectious hooks, playful vocal samples and darker minimalist flavours, which are particularly apparent in his output under his alternate moniker, Harry Axt. Steinberg’s sound is built upon a playful panache that breaks free from the straitjacket.
  • Niko Schwind Berlin, Germany

    31-year old NIKO SCHWIND was born in Trier – birthplace of Karl Marx – and he very quickly discovered his own personal “capital”: his love for music and his passion to sound