Parameter Finale: Overmono, Headstrong, Orphx, Om Unit, Hyperdub 15, Fabio & More


  • Overmono London, United Kingdom

    Under their respective artist names Truss and Tessela, brothers Tom and Ed Russell have forged formidable individual reputations as producers. Defining tracks such as Truss’ ‘Kymin Lea’ and ‘Beacon’ and Tessela’s ‘Rough 2’ and ‘Hackney Parrot’ for the likes of R&S, Perc Trax, and their own Poly Kicks label, have encapsulated so much of what is exciting and vital in UK underground, electronic music..
  • Orphx Toronto, Canada

  • Randomer London, United Kingdom

    In a short time, North Londoner Randomer has built up a small but heavy hitting catalogue of work – releasing ‘Brunk’ (on Hessle Audio’s 116 & Rising compilation), the acid tinged ‘Obtuse’ and most recently his dance mania-on-steroids EP for Numbers, 'Real Talk'." His debut for Hemlock Recordings found him taking things even further back to basics, dropping two heavyweight trax of pure beats and bassline indulgence. With more uncompromising raw cuts to follow this year Randomer is set to redefine the bou
  • Clouds London, United Kingdom

  • Om Unit London, United Kingdom

  • Ploy London, United Kingdom

  • Danielle London, United Kingdom

  • Kode9 London, United Kingdom

    Dubstepper Kode9 is the founder of Hyperdub.

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