Laura King - Alter All Day Rave


  • Laura King Melbourne, Australia

    Laura creates raved-up sets that fuse together techno, trance and electronica. You can expect to re live the early underground days in a way that’s both innovating and nostalgic.

The Third Day

290 Macaulay road, North Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia


Event details

Alter All Day A routine showcase of up and coming artists curated by the Alter Agency Family Volume 004 Ft. Laura King in an Open Air Warehouse Rave environment Support from Handsdown, Leigh Boy & Jozef Conor ----------------------------------------------------------- Few have enjoyed as much success this past year as Laura King. Her impressive resume includes Esoteric Festival, Obsidian Festival and Babylon festival (a closing set for the ages) as well as her first international headline alongside sister Mha iri at AXE festival and a number of interstate shows through Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Combining influences from early tribal techno, hard trance and acid, Laura’s music creates a nostalgic yet innovative performance and the uproar of a good old classic dance party. She has featured on the line ups of major local events such as Pure Carl Cox and Piknik Elektronik, and has supported some of the worlds biggest names including Thomas Schumacher, Eric Powell, Dasha Rush, ANNA, Jonas Rathsman and 2000 AND ONE… well as residencies for Bloom nightclub and a stack of other events under their ‘Alter’ agency. Laura unquestionably has become one of the finest acts in Melbourne’s music scene. Prepare yourself for a day rave that will go down in history <3 *Theme: 90's Rave ? ? ----------------------------------------------------------- Soundcloud - Facebook -