Ny:Lon Pres: Superfreq / New York x London - Doc Martin, Mr C, Jovonn


  • Doc Martin

    If there was a house DJ in America who could accurately claim to be the most important house DJ working today, it would be Doc Martin. But then, Doc would never accept such a title even if it happens to be true, because Doc is not only a legendary talent but a legendarily humble man.
  • David Scuba

  • Jovonn London, United Kingdom

    In 1990, JoVonn exploded on to the Dance scene with his second release, “Turn and Runaway” on Warner Bros. Records, which reached number 10 on the Billboard chart. Since then Jovonn has produced more than 200 records in the Dance, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Neosoul genres, but his true love is Dance music. To Jovonn, Dance music is more than just another genre. It is a feeling, an emotion, a passion. He compares its feeling to Gospel saying, “Its spiritual”. Some of Jovonn’s more recent Dance hits include Old Man Gr
  • Stuart Patterson London, United Kingdom

    Stuart has been at the forefront of London's cutting edge club scene for several decades. Through DJing, club programming and promoting, fanzines or mix compilations his profile has continually risen since the 90s and he now takes bookings from farthes..
  • Danni Murray London, United Kingdom

  • Broken Neon London, United Kingdom

    Broken Neon
  • Dutchie London, United Kingdom