Ritter Butzke - Zuhause with Dominik Eulberg Robag Wruhme Monkey Safari


  • Dominik Eulberg Berlin, Germany

    Part of the new generation of cutting-edge DJ/producers, Germany's Dominik Eulberg studies biology, geography and sometimes works as a national park ranger alongside producing some very exceptional music indeed. As illustrated on 2004's "Flora & Fauna" release and his "Diorama" album in 2011, his music and life are closely linked by nature.
  • Robag Wruhme Berlin, Germany

    Talented house producer, also known as Wighnomy Brothers
  • Monkey Safari Berlin, Germany

    Riding in with the power to deliver sunshine to world’s rainiest open air events, Monkey Safari bring rays of light to whatever dance floors they cast their shimmering spell on.
  • Re.You Berlin, Germany

    It’s been a meteoric rise for Re.You, his success in the electronic music scene a distant cry from shattered hoop dreams. Now firmly Berlin-based, his prolific release schedule continues unabated, the live show with Rampa going from strength to strength as well as DJ sets at clubs across the world
  • Gunjah Berlin, Germany

    Serious in having fun. Diffident in moving forward. Precise in going over the top. Gunjah has got older now – not in years but in talent. His ability is what it always was, a dedication to music. There’s been no shift in his priorities. With his rejection of rigid ideas about electronic effects he has set his target at producing something sustainable, something that’s truly authentic. Solid work, in other words, rather than something that’s motivated by a quick fix. Gunjah sees more than this. He sees th
  • Prismode Berlin, Germany

  • Solvane Berlin, Germany

    Berlin based Solvane loves emotional electronic music from house to techno.

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