Thugfucker, Cry Baby and Alexander:Louis


  • Thugfucker

    From the mad genius of one Icelandic security expert and a former American politician comes a musical group dedicated to the debaucherous worship of all the good things that can happen in a dark crowded room with good lighting. With music influences from across the dance music spectrum and serious dedication to all things not serious, Thugfucker brings the party to the party. And to the afterparty. And the after-after party. And the... well, you get the idea.
  • Cry Baby Washington D.C, United States

    With her feet planted firmly in the underground and her head high in the clouds, Cry Baby’s meteoric impact on NYC nightlife has been undeniable since her arrival. Demonstrating a masterful control of both the tone and feel of her sets, and by extension, her audience, she’s set herself apart from both the “it" DJs and scene veterans alike with her fresh take on techno and house....
  • alexander:louis Ibiza, Spain

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